The VESDA LaserCOMPACT is an air sampling smoke detector that protects areas up to 800 m2. It is directly targeted at small mission critical areas, processes and equipment.

8,000 sq. ft

Sensitivity Range:
0.015 – 6% obscuration/ft

While the LaserPLUS and LaserSCANNER address larger, more complex environments, the LaserCOMPACT offers a simple, cost effective solution for the protection of single and smaller environments such as small archives, production machinery, ceiling voids, prison cells, wet benches, data storage cabinets and critical process tools, and smaller rooms.

The LaserCOMPACT display supports three configurable alarm levels (Alert, Pre-Alarm, Fire). Having 3 alarm levels means that appropriate responses can be planned, for example, an Alert alarm may initiate an investigation whereas when the Fire alarm level is reached a suppression system may be activated.

The LaserCOMPACT is available in two versions, one that interfaces via relays only (RO), the other across either relays or VESDAnet (VN).