The LaserPLUS detector is the core product in the VESDA product range.

20,000 sq. ft

Sensitivity Range:
0.015 – 6% obscuration/ft

Like all VESDA products it detects fire at the earliest possible stage and reliably measures very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke.

4 alarm levels allows staged response to a fire threat

The LaserPLUS display supports four (4) configurable alarm levels (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2) and a 20-segment bar-graph indicating real time smoke level and fault conditions.

Modular design makes for ease of use

The detector can form part of a modular system with the display, programmer and VESDAnet modules installed in a remote location or as a “self-contained” system by replacing the detector’s panels with display and/or programmer modules.

Having the display & programmer remote from the detector unit means that the user-interfaces for many LaserPLUS detectors can be grouped together in a cabinet. This makes programming them easy.