vesda-vsm4The VESDA fire protection system control center.

The VESDA System Manager (VSM4) software package sets up, monitors and troubleshoots VESDA fire systems.

The software is windows based and designed to be used by control center operators or fire protection companies supporting a site.

This single, simple, easy-to-use tool is all you need to ensure that your VESDA systems continue to protect lives and assets on one or multiple sites. Connect a computer running VSM4 to your VESDA system, and you can view and control your whole system. VSM4 provides a central and integrated platform for VESDA products. It also provides integrated online setup of ALL devices connected to VESDA systems. Furthermore, it provides the ability to monitor multiple remote sites with full control and programming functionality. It is a totally integrated solution for any control room.

Investigate and respond to trouble and alarm conditions with the click of a mouse!

From world map to site map to floor plan, you can zoom in on any component in the VESDA systems that protect your facility. VSM4 gives you full control of your VESDA system on-site, or from another city, or even from the other side of the world. VSM4 becomes your command station, watching for critical events such as fire alarms or faults. It prioritizes very early warning alarms and faults and presents them to you for investigation and action. Why waste the very early warning that a VESDA system gives you by ignoring an event?

Powerful configuration capabilities in one tool

VSM4 includes all the sophisticated network and device configuration capabilities of the VESDA System Configurator (VSC) software (so, you don’t need VSC if you have VSM4). VSM4 includes all of VSC’s system commissioning and testing functionality. The system also automatically discovers devices on the network. All the configuration management functionality is available and is easily set up from a single point. What makes VSM4 powerful is its monitoring capabilities and its visual presentation of entire sites, buildings and rooms. It’s truly the control center for your VESDA system.