Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas that’s highly efficient as a fire suppression agent. Fike Carbon Dioxide fire co2_detailprotection systems use intelligent, reliable and fast-acting control panels to quickly sense a fire before it can cause damage to property. Carbon dioxide gas has a high rate of expansion, which allows a Fike CO2 fire protection system to work fast.

When applied to a fire, CO2 provides a heavy blanket of gas that reduces the oxygen level to a point where combustion cannot occur. Since carbon dioxide is a gas, there is no clean-up associated with a Fike CO2 fire suppression system discharge that’s minimal interruption to your business! In fact, the cost of clean-up and peripheral damage associated with water sprinkler systems, foam systems, and dry chemical agents can exceed the costs associated with the actual fire damage. With a Fike Carbon Dioxide system, clean up costs and downtime associated with a CO2 discharge are negligible.


Fike’s CO2 fire suppression system is extremely versatile, effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials and approved for Class A, B, and C hazards.

Fike Carbon Dioxide fire protection systems are available for use in total flooding or local fire protection applications – making it an effective fire protection system for a wide variety of hazards.

Typical Applications:

  • Liquid Storage Areas
  • Quench tanks
  • Mixing Operations
  • Spray Booths
  • Turbine Driven Generators
  • Electrical areas
  • Dust Collectors
  • Engine Rooms