Looking for the Workhorse
That Can Do It All?



The SHP-PRO™ Fire Detection and Fire Protection System

Fike SHP-PRO™ is THE reliable, conventional fire suppression system. This microprocessor-based fire detection system can be easily configured for use within a wide range of industries and fire suppression applications:

  • Clean Agent fire suppression for high value asset protection
  • Fire Sprinkler and Sprinkler Pre-action deluge for protection of building structure
  • Control of BOTH fire sprinkler pre-action / deluge and clean agent fire suppression systems . . . for COMPLETE FIRE PROTECTION using ONE Fire Suppression Panel!
  • Industrial applications including Clean Agent fire suppression systems, Foam suppression systems, and Fike’s premier water mist system, Micromist.

In addition to several new application possibilities, the SHP-PRO™ fire detection system features several key improvements to the original SHP, including the shp03addition of release disabled & ground fault LED’s, one additional input circuit, an optional Class A output module and MORE POWER! The SHP-PRO™ fire suppression system is also built for easy installation, making it versatile and easy to manage. This reliable fire detection workhorse is compliant with the UL 864 Standard, rounding out a list of features which make the SHP-PRO™ the leader in conventional fire detection and fire protection.

Look for all the following features and more in your new SHP-PRO™ fire detection / fire suppression system:


  • Configurable via dip-switches
  • Disable Mode for audible circuits, release circuits, and relays
  • Alarm and trouble resound
  • Selectable 120 or 240VAC power input
  • Optional batteries for up to 90 hours of standby power
  • Removable door for easy installation
  • Up to two Style B initiating device circuits capable of sequential alarm, cross-zone, or single detector release operation with an overall system capacity of 50 detectors.(25 when both releasing circuits are used)
  • Three Style B initiating device circuits capable of monitoring closed contact devices
  • Optional Class A module that converts all five initiating device circuits to Style D wiring operation
  • Three Style Y notification appliance circuits rated at 2.0 amps each
  • One Agent Release circuit with maximum of 6 ARM III’s and/or depending upon model of SHP-PRO™ ordered one solenoid release circuit which can activate one 24V or two 12V solenoids