Autocall technologically-advanced fire detection products are ideal for a wide range of customer and building needs. Autocall products not only provide superior protection, they are also designed to be easier to install, more reliable, and simpler to manage and maintain.
cybercat CyberCat
The exciting new CyberCat™ fire alarm panel is a digital, peer-to-peer, bi-directional communication system. Revolutionary in its speed, intelligence, and flexibility, CyberCat™ is available for the same price as a standard fire alarm system, for an unparalleled value.
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fike-guard FikeGuard
FIKEGuard™ emergency voice evacuation fire panels combine the latest in technology with rugged and compact design. A voice system is a more effective, faster and safer fire evacuation plan; and for areas of 300 or more occupancy, it is mandated by the NFPA.
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graphic-solutions Graphic Solutions
The best solutions in graphic monitoring of intelligent fire alarm systems… at a cost that fits your budget. These event management packages directly interface with your fire alarm system, allowing you detailed, visual information on exactly what is happening in your facility – so the safest, most efficient action can be taken.
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shp-pro SHP-PRO™
Fire Protection SystemsThe SHP-PRO™ or Single Hazard Panel Fire Protection system is microprocessor-based and equipped with sophisticated software and hardware integrated into a single reliable package. That’s convenience in Fire Protection.
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signifire SigniFire
SigniFire is a turnkey video smoke detection solution. The state-of-the-art, camera-based SigniFire video smoke detection system, visually detects the presence of flame or smoke at its source, independent of airflow in the area. SigniFire represents a critical advantage for early warning fire detection, especially for challenging environments and open area venues.
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smoke-control Smoke Control
Reliable and fast, Fike’s intelligent fire alarm panels can also be equipped with advanced smoke control interface modules. This intelligent option controls and allows manual override of remote air handling equipment (air handlers, dampers, pressurization fans, etc.) and indicates the current status of this equipment – all with no need for a separate smoke control system.
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