A voice emergency fire protection system is more effective, faster and safer in evacuating occupants; and for areas of 300 or more occupancy, it is mandated by the NFPA. Add to this the capability of additional specific communication such as Tornado, Severe Weather, Earthquake or Hazmat incidences and a Voice Evacuation system becomes invaluable to the basic operation of a facility and the safety of its occupants.

The FikeGuard™ voice evacuation panel combines the latest in technology with a rugged and compact design.

  • Easy to apply and install
  • TRUE 25, 50 or 100 watt audio
  • No additional parts required
  • Compatible with new Fire Alarm Systems
  • Simple retrofit to existing Fire Alarm Systems

FikeGuard fire protection systems are amazingly flexible, with models adaptable to most situations. The FikeGuard 25, FikeGuard 50, FikeGuard 100 and FikeGuard 200 can operate as stand alone communication systems or as a Life Safety Voice Emergency Evacuation Alarm, when coupled with virtually any Fire Alarm Control Panel. These systems are simple to install and ideal for retrofit or new construction, making them ideal solutions for your Life Safety Voice needs.


And for the ultimate in emergency evacuation for high rise buildings, there is the FikeGuard FGX High Rise Distributed Audio System. Its design flexibility may be configured to accommodate virtually any facility from a simple multi-floor building through a complex campus networked system.

FikeGuard makes emergency voice evacuation and fire protection simple.