Water-based fire sprinklers are designed to protect building structures—not your critical assets such as electronic equipment, data, or even collectibles and pre01irreplaceable artifacts.

Many times, local fire code requires that sprinklers be installed in your critical spaces. When water leaks are a concern, pre-action sprinklers offer a great alternative to regular water sprinklers.

How is a Pre-Action Sprinkler System different from regular sprinklers?

Unlike regular sprinklers, pre-action sprinklers keep water out of your critical space with an automatically controlled valve. Only supervisory compressed air is inside the sprinkler pipe during normal operation. In the event of a leak in the piping network, compressed air—NOT WATER—escapes the pipe. The loss of compressed air will lower the air pressure in the pipe, causing a control panel to notify you of the trouble condition.

Water only flows to a sprinkler head when:

A smoke or heat detector exceeds a pre-determined level of alarm AND a sprinkler head melts due to fire

Advantage of Pre-Action Sprinklers

  • pre02Water does not flow if the sprinkler pipe breaks
  • Water does not flow if a sprinkler head is damaged
  • Water damage to your valuable assets is less likely to occur due to accidents or natural disasters such as an earthquake

Pre-action sprinklers are often used in conjunction with clean agent fire suppression systems. The clean agent fire suppression system acts as the first line of defense protecting your people, assets, and business continuity. Pre-action sprinklers meet minimum local fire code requirements and act as the second line of defense protecting your building structure.

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