The Autocall TrueSite Building System Information Unit (BSIU) software application provides PC-based graphical command center functionality, including centralized annunciation, historical logging, report generation, and control of fire alarm points. This application supplements other listed fire alarm controls.

A cost effective new option for monitoring and managing your fire alarm system network using our BSIU.

Before 2019, NFPA 72 required primary operator console hardware and software be UL 864 listed when used for system control.

  • The key word is Control -non-UL 864 listed hardware could be used when only annunciating events.
  • UL 864 listed computers are very costly.
  • Drive up system costs, especially when multiple consoles are needed.
  • Some facilities that would benefit from a console cannot afford them.

In 2019 NFPA 72 created a new BSIU that allows non-UL 864 listed computers to be used to as a console. This change allows SSI to use lower costs hardware and provide you with the same software.

The new computers must be UL 60950 listed.  This listing is on almost every new computer readily available. The computer must be located in the same room as the control panel.

The benefits to the you, the customer are:

Better safety, operator efficiency

Graphical management consoles show more information and make it easier for operators to understand the emergency and react more quickly.

Easily access information and reports

Having a BSIU management console makes it easier to view and print reports. Testing, inspection and demonstrating regulatory compliance becomes much easier.

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