Module Management System (MMS) save time on installations and simplify fire alarm module installation.

What is an MMS?

The Module Management System or MMS for short, is an enclosure with provisions for mounting and wiring multiple addressable modules. These panels can be used for modules in fire alarm systems, clean agent fire suppression systems or any combination. The MMS can also be tied to pre-action sprinkler systems.

MMS panel is UL Listed insuring nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards are met. The panel comes in 12, 20, 24 module configurations.

All modules are in one location – solving possible install headaches and troubleshooting. The internal wiring is done for you! Saving on field labor.

An MMS can be factory assembled with the quantity, address and type of modules required with a particular installation. Pre-tested before delivery to your building to makes sure it works right the first time!

Factory Mounting and Termination

  • Custom wire Harness, secured with flexible braided sleeving and cable ties
  • Module labels – each module has a label identifying the module loop and address.

Module Chart Index

  • Detailed MMS index example for each module, the panel number, loop number, address number, module type, 24vdc source, and module function

MMS Panel Options

Factory Door Mounted SwitchesMaintenance ByPass Assembly
With Form C relays

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