Essential Business Statement – COVID-19

As a Life Safety business, Intelli-tech will remain open during these troubled times.  Intelli-tech performs work necessary to the operations and maintenance of “Essential Infrastructure”.  While we are called out to work at essential business sites, we are abiding by and respecting social distancing and adhering to the local government restrictions, to the extent possible.

Intelli-tech employees and our customers need to work cooperatively to stop the spread of COVID 19. We at Intelli-tech are taking the following precautions at workplaces and job sites, and are requiring that our customers / and the contractors we are working with do the same:

Mitigating Workplace Risk – COVID-19

• Follow CDC guidelines on preventing spread of COVID 19.
• Maintain six feet social distancing, keep safe distance from each other.
• Employees who are sick or exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms should not be working at job sites.
• Prevent the spread of germs by promoting a workplace with good hygiene, following CDC guidelines.
• Wash hands frequently.
• Do not share tools unless properly sanitized.
• Cough or sneeze into elbow.
• Monitor and report to management if anyone is acting in an unsafe manner / not abiding by CDC hygiene guidelines.
• Maximize conference calls, eliminate large face to face meetings.
• No handshakes.
• Coordinate with all trades in order to minimize exposure to multiple numbers of workers. Trade crews should be broken down to smallest working groups possible.
• Employees are encouraged to wear face covers over mouth and nose when working closely around other people, or on any construction site, customer site or city where it is required to be worn.
• Continuously monitor the conditions at workplaces and job sites. We encourage our employees to speak up if they see unsafe practices taking place to insure the safety for all.

Fire protection is important to your business. Finding the solutions to your fire protection needs is something we have been doing since 1990. Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, knowledge, honesty, integrity and ethics of Intelli-tech team. We invite you to contact one of the members of this team to discuss how Intelli-tech can protect your employee’s life safety and your valuable assets for the continued operation and success of your company. Contact us or call (925) 484-3701 for a Systems and Design Consultant to assist you with your needs.

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