When it comes to fire detection systems, no choice is more important than your control panels. Control panels are the nerve center of any fire detection system, critical not only for their ability to help save lives, but also to deliver value over time. With the right choice, you’ll have a fire detection system that makes everyone’s job easier and can be expanded and enhanced over time to accommodate changing needs.

For many facilities, the right choice is Autocall control panels. Autocall control panels are engineered to deliver industry-leading scalability, reliability and long-term value. They support a broad range of industry, customer and facility requirements, enabling you to get a comprehensive, tailored fire detection system for every installation. And Autocall control panels offer innovative features that can make them easier to install, highly reliable and more manageable.There is no need to compromise when it comes to your fire alarm systems Autocall Fire Detection Systems – Never Compromise

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Autocall innovation keeps performance high and cost of ownership low

No matter what role you play in designing, installing or maintaining fire detection systems, you can depend on Autocall innovation to provide lasting benefits:

Ease of installation​ — Flexible wiring architecture and efficient use of power means fewer roadblocks for architects and engineers. Autocall’s addressable technology allows T-tapping and more efficient wire runs, which can lower installation and overall project costs.

Reliability — Every device and appliance connected to an Autocall control panel has its own address. That means each device is individually supervised for malfunction or failure, and you can tailor the settings for each device from the panel. Revolutionary self-testing capability and constant electronic supervision of the notification system help ensure that appliances will work when needed.

Serviceability — Next-generation technology, including supervised devices, self-testing notification appliances and mobile connectivity, reduces service time and effort.

Ease of operation — Each Autocall control panel offers a menu-driven interface that makes it simple to access information, view reports and perform a variety of operations.

Easy integration — You can integrate your Autocall control panels with security systems and building management systems such as HVAC, pumps, air handlers, smoke dampers and more. That means you can centralize facility control and simplify facility management.

Future-proofing — Autocall’s modular design enables you to easily update, scale and modify your system, so upgrades and expansions are fast and easy.

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