Since our inception in 1990, Intelligent Technologies and Services (Intelli-Tech) has made customer satisfaction our number one priority. Our vast experience in design01

solving the specific needs of our clients is unmatched in the industry. Your time is money; your concerns are important . . . our response is rapid and efficient.

As a full-service resource, Intelli-Tech doesn’t just sell products; we analyze your needs. From developing the right solution to selecting the right product and
installing it, to providing customer service and a highly-trained technical staff, you can be assured of the finest quality solution.

By placing a major focus on strategic, cost-effective solutions, we can help you achieve your project goals. Every critical factor is examined to meet each of your specific needs.

Design Services

Intelli-Tech provides technical consulting to architects, engineers, and end users. Whether the project calls for the construction of a single facility, remodeling or expanding an existing one, or developing corporate standards in an approach to be launched nationally, our experts can write, edit, and present specifications that are coordinated with other teams and custom tailored for your project.

When the fire protection systems are effectively coordinated with other engineering disciplines, such as architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical during the design phase, you will eliminate headaches, project delays, and change orders.

When helping your team to accomplish their objectives, we provide clear, accurate, and detailed drawings. Our designers use the latest computer-based AutoCAD© drafting technology to ensure drawings are not only accurate, but are developed in an industry-standard format. Therefore, they can be revised and updated quickly and accurately throughout the development phase—and, your client receives accurate as-built records.

Reliability Audit

Putting our team to work for you during the planning stages can prove to be a time- and money-saving decision. When we visit your facility and provide an in-depth analysis and risk assessment, you will benefit from having a report that clearly articulates all areas that require special attention. Our team considers all of the facility’s critical fire systems, such as fire alarm, sprinkler, and clean agent systems in conjunction with the end user’s immediate and future needs, to help develop a strategy that makes sense financially and operationally to you and your client.


Because even a few hours of network downtime can have an enormous financial impact, more clients and insurance agencies are now requiring that their critical facilities be tested by a third party to ensure that the systems meet the project specifications developed by the engineering group. This is an area where Intelli-Tech has extensive experience and is often retained by firms who value these services.

Our commissioning group doesn’t just show up and perform a visual inspection. Due to the crucial nature of some applications, special testing procedures and equipment can be used to accurately simulate your application conditions. Whether commissioning a small or large facility, at your direction, they will review construction documents, visit the facility, and develop a custom test schedule that encompasses each critical space.

Educational Services

At Intelli-Tech, we understand the need to continually research and learn about our industry. We also realize that you may not have the time required to do this. In order to help your team stay current with the latest trends and code changes, we have developed a team of educators who will go to your facility and provide training presentations on anything relating to the fire protection industry.

Our educators have many years of experience giving top quality presentations throughout the country to A&E firms, end users, and AHJ’s. With the use of slide shows, videos, and other visual aids, our custom-tailored presentation will quickly provide the information necessary to ensure that your next project goes as smoothly as possible.

Fire protection is important to your business. Finding the solutions to your fire protection needs is something we have been doing since 1990. Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, knowledge, honesty, integrity and ethics of Intelli-tech team. We invite you to contact one of the members of this team to discuss how Intelli-tech can protect your employee’s life safety and your valuable assets for the continued operation and success of your company. Contact us or call (925) 484-3701 for a Systems and Design Consultant to assist you with your needs.

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