Fike Small Space Suppression System

Small obscured fires within CNC machines and electrical cabinets may go undetected until significant damage has occurred. Fike’s Small Space Suppression System ensures the detection and suppression of these potentially devastating fires at their source. The Fike Small Space Suppression System uses a flexible heat-reactive tube which is strategically routed through small applications. The tube is pressurized with nitrogen to activate the connected cylinder with FK-5-1-12 clean agent.

Why do Electrical & Server Cabinets need automatic fire suppression?

A fire inside of a electrical cabinet or server cabinet can create costly interruptions to a facility. There are many causes for these fires to occur:

  • Faulty electrical components
  • Malfunctioning power supplies
  • Intermittent electrical arching
  • Short Circuits
  • Power line surges

Why do wind turbines need automatic fire suppression systems?

Most wind turbines do not come equipped with fire suppression systems, financial losses, safety issues and environmental impacts are causing owners to reconsider.

  • Wind turbines catch fire primarily due to electrical or mechanical faults leading to ignition which spreads to the surrounding plastics and fiberglass nacelle.
  • The number one cause of wind turbine fires is lightning strikes. Other causes are electrical or mechanical malfunctions and human error. These include: Loose, broken, or defective electrical components.
  • Fires can become fully developed after just a few minutes from the ignition. Most wind turbine fires completely destroy the turbine.
  • A wind turbine fire can spread to the surrounding environment, sparking wildfires and potentially spreading into nearby communities.
  • An automatic fire suppression system detects a fire and snuffs it out, either at the point of detection (direct) or by flooding the nacelle with a suppressant agent (indirect).

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