Li-ion Tamer®

Lithium Ion Batteries are quickly becoming the norm for many of our customers. It is important to know that they can be a safety hazard since they contain a flammable electrolyte, and if damaged or incorrectly charged can lead to explosions and fires.

Failure in these batteries can create “Thermal Runaway

  • Overcharging heats up the electrolyte/chemicals inside causing exothermic reaction
  • The hot chemicals will degrade the separator
  • When the separator is breached, it causes a short circuit
  • Thermal runaway occurs
  • Thermal runaway occurs most often in a battery when the internal heat generation exceeds the rate at which the heat can be expelled.

April 19th 2019. Explosion at an Arizona Public Service facility in Surprise, AZ. The explosion occurred at the APS McMicken Energy Storage facility near Grand Avenue and Deer Valley Road in Surprise on Friday evening. The facility housed utility-sized lithium ion batteries batteries on the site used in the storage and distribution of solar energy. Eight firefighters were injured.

Li-ion Tamer® is a safety product that specializes in detecting any off-gas event from lithium-ion batteries prior to thermal runaway. It’s a unique protection technology that offers the earliest warning to avoid catastrophic events. Watch an introduction video on this product.

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