Micro Environment Fire Suppression

FireTrace systems provide cost-effective, stand-alone, automatic fire protection for critical equipment, electrical/technical systems and various types of enclosures. The system utilizes proprietary Firetrace tubing which detects a fire due to temperature sensitivity, allowing for a quick and effective discharge. The tubing can be run through small or complex enclosures to provide accurate fire detection and suppression for a wide variety of critical locations including server cabinets. Server Cabinet Brochure

CNC Machines, Fume Hoods & Electrical Enclosures

Typical applications include CNC machines, Fume Hoods, electrical enclosures, server rack cabinets and auto engine compartments. 40-second animated video The versatile fire suppression system utilizes several agent options including Co2, Dry Chemical, Novec 1230 and more. The system requires NO electrical source, making it an ideal stand-alone suppression product for your specialized needs or an ideal supplemental protection system. To learn more about Firetrace products, click here

Dual Pressure Switch

The Dual Pressure Switch Module monitors the health of the Firetrace suppression system and
detects system activation. The pressure switches provide dry contacts which can initiate machine
shutdown, closing of dampers, activation of alarms, and many other uses that require the energizing
or de-energizing of a circuit.

Dual pressure module data sheet

Dual pressure module with bypass data sheet

Firetrace™ FlexRope

The Firetrace™ FlexRope is a simple fire suppression product designed to address fire hazards inside electrical enclosures. FlexRope can be installed in narrow spaces and close to all potential ignition points, allowing it to quickly detect and suppress fire before it spreads.

Firetrace FlexRope is designed for small electrical enclosures, like electrical cabinets and panels, up to 35ft³ (1m³) with a maximum voltage of 600V. FlexRope is approved for Class A, B, and C class fires. This product is sold in 4 different kits that have been developed based upon the volume of the enclosure they will be installed in. View a short video

Easy Installation

The rope is installed using provided adhesive mounts and zip ties, maintaining 2-3 inches of distance from ignition points. The installer is not required to be a certified installation specialist. Typically, an on-site maintenance team is capable of installing the rope on its own.  Installation is done in minutes, not hours.

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