Lithium batteries present a fire protection problem in Energy Storage Systems (ESS) throughout the world. Within an ESS are hundreds to thousands of lithium-ion cells, any of which can experience an unpredictable phenomenon called “thermal runaway,” causing the battery to release flammable gases, emit smoke and potentially explode or catch fire.

This process can continue to spread throughout the battery modules, consuming all batteries and potentially resulting in a large-scale fire or explosion. This ever-present fire hazard is an unavoidable obstacle, slowing the full adoption of energy storage systems and the embracing of alternate forms of power generation and storage into urban environments.

Fike Blue is the first third-party tested and proven solution tested and proven to put out a lithium battery fire by eliminating the cascading thermal runaway event and the possibility of reignition.

How Fike Blue Makes ESS’ Safe in Nearly Any Environment

Fike Blue cooled our internal module temperatures from several hundred degrees celsius to under one hundred degrees and prevented cascading thermal runaway in most of our battery cells—a true engineering breakthrough.

Omri T., Director of Mechanical Engineering | Jule

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