Intelligent Technologies and Services (Intelli-tech) offers a full range of air conditioning and environmental monitoring systems in critical equipment rooms and data center environments for commercial/industrial applications.

system06Our team has years of experience working in sensitive equipment environments, and we recognize the uncompromising necessity for cleanliness and constant communication. We provide turnkey solutions for many environmental control needs from small ceiling suspended systems to large capacity air cooled and water cooled, overhead ducted, and raised floor packaged systems.

The Intelli-tech team is extremely diverse and competent in delivering the most efficient and economical services available. Every installation is performed with the goal of eliminating the likelihood of costly downtime due to environmental conditions.


Fire protection is important to your business. Finding the solutions to your fire protection needs is something we have been doing since 1990. Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, knowledge, honesty, integrity and ethics of Intelli-tech team. We invite you to contact one of the members of this team to discuss how Intelli-tech can protect your employee’s life safety and your valuable assets for the continued operation and success of your company. Contact us or call (925) 484-3701 for a Systems and Design Consultant to assist you with your needs.

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